quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

That crazy!!!

I was thinking about this music ... a long time. It was a song that marked my life until I was in Zurich ...always stopped for meditate in words and one day I decided that it would sing as well, truth without loose in the air only words, but really sing through my own words.
Then I remembered that God told me that many people sing without knowing exactly what sing and good since that moment I decided that it would choose my songs, regardless if they were letters Christian or not, but that they had content of truths of who I am and what I live. Business with certain songs, and in particular I learn to engage faith, hope, belief in God so simple and real. I learn that absolutely I hunger for God who no longer know where my hunger and begins my despair for he and ai understand that more could not live without this truth in my life.
Not bother with anything else ... nor myself, this is the truth of my truth. That crazy!!!